Algacid Pure


Ascophyllum nodosum

Agricultural biostimulant from seaweed.

Algacid®Pure is a liquid seaweed extract. Ascophyllum nodosumwhich also provides potassium, alginic acid and mannitol. Algacid®Pure improves soil structure, increases the availability of nutrients and improves the plant's resistance to stress and at times when environmental conditions are adverse for the crop as well as at times when the crop is most demanding. Discover our Agricultural biostimulant from seaweed.

Algacid®Pure has a high concentration of phytohormones, especially cytokinins, so it reduces aplical dominance, activates and increases cell division, mobilises nutrients to improve the specific weight and size of the fruit, and optimises production in terms of quality and homogeneity. It is an exclusive solution from LucasBiotech.

MODE OF APPLICATION: Liquid seaweed extract for foliar application, nutrient solutions and fertigation.
Fertigation: apply at a dose of 5L/ha and number of applications according to phenology.
Foliar: 0.1-0.2% and number of applications according to phenology.
Crops: stone and pip fruit trees, citrus, leafy vegetables, table grapes and vines, solanaceae, brassicas, cucurbits, strawberries, olives and tubers.


Heavy metal content below the authorised limits for this classification.

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