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BioAvail Opti


Organic - Mineral

NPK 8 - 26 - 1

Bioavail® Opti is a fertiliser from our range BioAvail®. The range Bioavail® consists of fertilisers formulated with the patented technology Smart Bioavail Technology®which confers greater bioavailability to the nutrients provided, obtaining greater productivity and efficiency. It is an organo-mineral fertiliser solution with a high concentration of phosphorus, suitable for any irrigation system and crop. It provides nitrogen, potassium and a high concentration of phosphorus specially formulated for greater bioavailability. It also provides fulvic and humic acids and organic matter, which in synergy improves soil structure and facilitates the washing of salts in the bulb.

MODE OF APPLICATION: Fertigation; Do not mix Bioavail®Opti with acid, basic and/or calcium fertilisers. Before application in the dilution tank, clean the tank of all residues, especially calcium residues.

DOSAGE: Dilute in a dilution tank to 20% concentration in water and inject into the irrigation system pure or at the highest possible concentration. Dosage in cereals, full field vegetables, olive and fruit trees: 100 to 300 kg/ha per year.


Heavy metal content below the authorised limits for this classification.

Contenido declarado Riqueza P/P
Total nitrogen (N)
8 %
Ammoniacal nitrogen (NH4+)
8 %
Phosphorus as phosphoric anhydride (P2O5)
Potassium oxide (K2O)
1 %
Organic matter
8 %
Total humic extract
8 %
Fulvic Acids
7 %
Humic Acids
1 %
Water-soluble sulphur (S), 100% sulphur trioxide (SO3)
1 %
Información adicional Valor
Electrical conductivity (Pure product)
19.7 mS/cm
5,0 - 6,0
Brownish liquid
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