K(S) 6(4)

EffiShine® is a solution that enhances the efficacy of phytosanitary products when used in alkaline water and/or water with high hardness, or when a slightly acidic pH of the treatment solution is required, allowing a better application and greater efficacy of the treatment.
EffiShine® provides potassium and boron specially formulated to minimise the formation of insoluble salts in the solution of nutrients, fertilisers and/or phytosanitary products in alkaline and/or hard water, preventing the negative effects of these insolubilities on the effectiveness of treatments, application equipment and crops. Furthermore, EffiShine® has a low electrical conductivity compared to other products, wetting effect and regulates the pH of the broth between 4-5 units.

MODE OF APPLICATION: Fertiliser for foliar application. For optimum results, it is essential to add EffiShine® first of all to the broth.

RECOMMENDED DOSE: 2.5 L/ha for hard water, 3 L/ha for very hard water (above 180 ppm of calcium). Its use is recommended under agronomic technical advice.

Contenido declarado Riqueza P/P
Total Nitrogen (N)
5,5 %
Organic nitrogen
5,3 %
Potassium oxide (K2O)
1 %
Water-soluble sulphur (S), 100% sulphur trioxide (SO3)
2 %
0,6 %
Total amino acids
34 %
Humic Acids
1 %
Free amino acids
29 %
Información adicional Valor
1,14 Kg/L
Electrical conductivity (Pure product)
47.2 mS/cm
7,0 - 8,0
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