Opti Development


NPK (S) 3-4-20 (33)

Opti Development® is a fertiliser from our range BioAvail®. The range Bioavail® consists of fertilisers formulated with the patented technology Smart Bioavail Technology®which gives greater availability to the nutrients provided, obtaining greater productivity and efficiency. Opti Development® is a fertiliser solution that includes KTS® (potassium thiosulphate) suitable for all irrigation systems and crops. It provides nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium with sulphur in the form of thiosulphate, which stabilises and improves the efficiency of nitrogen use (EUN) and, due to its reducing power, increases the bioavailability of the nutrients provided.

MODE OF APPLICATION: Do not mix Opti Development® with acid, basic or calcium fertilisers. Solubilisation to a high concentration or pure injection is recommended. Its use is recommended under technical agronomic advice.

DOSAGE: Fertiliser product for irrigation application. Dosage for irrigation of cereals, field vegetables, olive and fruit trees: 100-500L/ha.

Contenido declarado Riqueza P/P
Total nitrogen (N)
3 %
Nitric nitrogen (NO3-)
2 %
Ammoniacal nitrogen (NH4+)
1 %
Phosphorus as phosphoric anhydride (P2O5)
4 %
Potassium oxide (K2O)
20 %
Water-soluble sulphur (S), 100% sulphur trioxide (SO3) in the form of thiosulphate.
Información adicional Valor
1.46 Kg/L
Electrical conductivity (Pure product)
69.7 mS/cm
6,0 - 7,0
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