Our objective
Developing effective solutions
that generate high value for
our clients and their environment.


Made in Spain
Lucas Biotech S.L.®, belonging to the AgroLucas® Business Group, is a Biotechnological Innovation company whose objective is to develop effective solutions that generate high value for our clients and their environment, that add value to their work and allow them to evolve and transform agronomic management strategies towards a more profitable, more sustainable, more innovative and more advanced agriculture. Our company has a strong innovative and development profile, which is why we have an R&D&I team made up of professionals with proven experience, together with the facilities, equipment, spaces and requirements necessary to carry out its innovative activity in a solvent and safe manner.
Lucas Biotech S.L. is a company that works to develop innovative and sustainable high-value biotechnological solutions to the challenges of modern agriculture.
To be a global benchmark for innovative and sustainable biotechnological solutions that provide high value to our clients, the environment and resources, and allow us to transform management strategies.
To provide knowledge and innovative solutions that contribute to the evolution of agriculture.


with our purpose

Our Group has a number of commitments as a company and as a team:

  • Commitment to maintaining our essence and being true to our origins and purpose.
  • Commitment that innovation is present throughout the company and is a lever for business, personal, professional and team development,
    commitment to our environment.
  • Social commitment to our team and to our community,
    a clear commitment to development and service to our customers and suppliers,
  • Commitment to carry out all our activities in a secure environment.
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