Environmental Quality Policy

INNOVACIONES AGRONÓMICAS S.L. The company, dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of fertilisers, nutritional products and paraffin candle and the marketing of phytosanitary and auxiliary products for the agri-food sector, has decided to set up a new plant protection and agro-food plant protection centre. Quality Management System based on ISO 9001 and Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001. to improve the service it provides to its customers and its environmental performance and efficiency.

The Management of INNOVACIONES AGRONÓMICAS S.L.focuses on the Quality and Environmental System as a way of organising our operation based on basic pillars such as the quality of our products, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the system, as well as managing environmental aspects, emergencies, risks, legal requirements and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the system. To this end, the Quality and Environmental Management System of INNOVACIONES AGRONÓMICAS S.L. is based on:

INNOVACIONES AGRONÓMICAS S.L.maintain a systematic approach to the identification of training needs and the planning of training to ensure compliance of our personnel with this Quality and Environmental Policy.

Management will periodically review this Policy in order to develop the concept of continuous improvement in quality and environmental management and to ensure that it is kept up to date.
Francisco Javier Lucas Fernández
Cieza (Murcia), 26/09/2023
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