Specialists in biotechnology for agriculture.

At Lucas Biotech we are specialists in Biotechnology for Agriculture. Our main objective is to develop effective solutions that generate high value for our customers and the environment. Our main premises are based on generating innovative strategies. They are directed towards an innovative, more profitable, more sustainable and more profitable agriculture.

Lucas Biotech R&D&I team.

We have our own team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in the development of effective solutions for agriculture. In our facilities we have state-of-the-art equipment and processes to develop innovative, exclusive and efficient solutions. At Lucas Biotech we are committed to innovation in order to develop effective and sustainable biotechnological solutions that really make progress and bring high value to our sector and enhance the value of natural resources and the environment, not only to protect them but also to optimise them and make them production factors, true allies in optimising production yields.

Our Mission, Vision and Values.

Lucas Biotech emerged to develop solutions that improve crops and add value to the environment, with the aim of increasing yields and profitability. Our mission is to develop innovative and sustainable biotechnological solutions with high value for the challenges of modern agriculture. Our vision is clear: to become a benchmark for innovative and sustainable biotechnological solutions, providing value for our customers and the environment.

Solutions for professional agriculture.

We are specialists in the development of biotechnological solutions for agriculture, offering innovative, efficient and sustainable products for crops. Among our product ranges you will find:

-Biotechnological fertilisers: BioAvail range.

-Water treatment optimisers: EffiLine range.

-Biotechnological Biostimulants: Algacid range.

-Root biostimulants: Razitron range.

-Corrective and Nutritional: Lezo Ranges y CupperLine.

-Technological Fertilisers: NitroCalis, Thionova y Novastock.

-Soil improvers: Breaksal y Blacksoil.

-Attractants and repellents: Glucall.

Visit our product catalogue and select the product that can help you to make your crop plantation more efficient, more profitable and more respectful. If you have any doubts, please contact us and our agricultural advisors will help you select the ideal solution for your fruits and plantations. Contact us by phone at 968 455 965 or by email at

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