Discover the power of biotechnological foliar biostimulants

Discover the power of Lucas Biotech's foliar biostimulants in your crops.

At Lucas Biotech we develop effective solutions for professional agriculture based on biotechnology. Our product range includes Algacid, a range of biotechnology-based biostimulants formulated with algae. Ascophyllum nodosum which provides a synergistic action in our formulation, with an anti-stress, activating and nutritional effect.

What does a biostimulant provide to your crops?

The biostimulants can provide different responses in the crop, in the case of Algacid, we count on the activating effect of the algae extract. Ascophyllum nodosum together with the effect of increasing the bioavailability of the nutrients contained in the formulation, which in synergy generates a much more resistant, more efficient and much better nourished crop, especially at critical moments of the crop, which optimises production both qualitatively and quantitatively.

How is the Algacid biostimulant range developed?

In our Algacid range we combine in a specific and exclusive formulation the selection of a high quality and effective seaweed extract together with our biotechnology-based BioAvail formulation. Within the Algacid range we find different products that allow us to complete the whole cycle of any crop: Algacid Pure, Algacid Green and Algacid Prime.

Algacid®Pure represents a liquid extract from seaweed. Ascophyllum nodosumwhich provides potassium, alginic acid and mannitol. Algacid® Pure is a general crop biostimulant, which also has an effect on the soil but above all on the crop, mainly by activating plant metabolism and facilitating plant resistance to stress, especially under demanding conditions or at critical crop stages. This product not only contributes to improving soil structure, but also enhances nutrient availability and strengthens plant resistance to stress, especially under adverse crop conditions and during times of high stress.

Algacid®Greenis a liquid extract of seaweed. Ascophyllum nodosumprovides potassium, alginic acid, mannitol and phosphorus in an exclusive and specific Lucas Biotech formulation, which increases the bioavailability of the nutrients supplied, thus achieving greater productivity and efficiency. Algacid®Green stimulates further crop development, helps in the flowering and fruit setting process, and improves the quality of fruit production, especially in terms of size, colour, ºBrix and consistency.

Algacid®Prime is a liquid extract of seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum which also provides potassium, alginic acid, matinol and phosphorus with a special and specific formulation by Lucas Biotech developed to be applied at the moments or stages of fruit formation and/or where a higher rate of fruit development is required. Algacid® Prime is recommended to be applied throughout the fruit formation, thickening and ripening phase to optimise its size, consistency, weight, organoleptic and nutraceutical characteristics.

If you want to improve the productivity, quality and profitability of your crops, you can contact our technical team or the professionals at your nearest Lucas Biotech distributor, who will advise you on the best solutions and strategies for your crops.

If you have any doubts, call us on 968 455 965 and our teams will study the best solutions for you and your conditions. Discover what the world of biotechnology can do for you and your crops with Lucas Biotech. Discover our wide range of products on our website.

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