Discover the advantages of using Biotech Fertilisers on your crops.

Discover the advantages of using Biotech Fertilisers on your crops.

At Lucas Biotech we are experts in developing solutions that improve the performance of your crops while generating high value for your environment. Before we talk about our biotechnological fertilisers. we will explain what they are. They are customisable biotechnological fertilisers that provide nutrients in clearly available forms, thus improving soil fertility and promoting the development and productivity of crops in an efficient and much more sustainable way, regenerating the entire agrosystem.

Our unique and advanced production process (Smart BioAvail Technology) allows the formulation of fertilisers with customisable nutrient balances (N-P-K) using
specific substances that we produce through their biological synthesis by micro-organisms, therefore, LucasBiotech does not contribute foreign micro-organisms to the agrosystem
which can alter the composition and natural microbiota of the soil, but it provides natural substances produced by specific micro-organisms that activate and enhance the indigenous microbiota of the environment.

These biotechnological fertilisers are a much more efficient alternative to traditional chemical fertilisers, as they allow the reduction of nutrient inputs, improve the yields and improve the quality of the fertilisers.
They promote both quantitative and qualitative yields, and promote sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture by improving soil fertility in the long term.

Discover our exclusive biotechnological fertilisers, discover the Bioavail range.

These are customisable Biotech Fertilisers specially formulated with our technology. Smart Bioavail Technology®. This unique technology from Lucas Biotech confers greater bioavailability in the nutrients provided, achieving disruptive results in terms of productivity, profitability and, above all, allowing the system to be regenerative.

Discover the advantages of using Biotech Fertilisers on your crops.

It provides an evolution in the nutrient management of crops towards a more efficient management that allows to generate more profitability, making the environment the most important production factor. Our biotechnological fertilisers provide the following advantages:

1-Higher bioavailability of nutrients: These fertilisers provide plant nutrients in purely bioavailable forms and are therefore more available to the entire agricultural biological system, both to the crops and to the natural soil microbiota, so that by being more bioavailable, their supply can be reduced and therefore their use can be more efficient.

2.-Reduces stress on crops: By increasing the bioavailability of nutrients, their accumulation in the soil is reduced, reducing the impact on parameters such as electrical conductivity or soil pH, as well as enhancing the activity of microorganisms in favour of the environment and crops, and increasing the water retention capacity of the soil.
of the soil, thus reducing the impact of periods of high water or thermal stress.

More than sustainability: Regenerativity, a term that we will describe in another post, but it is worth mentioning that with the products BioAvail stimulate and enhance the natural balance of the
microbiota of the soil, as well as improving the physico-chemical characteristics of the soil, therefore, the range BioAvail optimises the medium to such an extent that it becomes the best ally for

4.- And the most important thing: improve farm profitability by increasing both quantitative yields (more production in kg/ha or kg/piece, less production in kg/ha or kg/piece, less production in kg/ha or kg/piece, less production in kg/ha or kg/piece, less production in kg/ha and less production in kg/ha).
and qualitative (more size, more colour, more ºBrix, etc.), as well as a longer post-harvest shelf life, which reduces wastage both in the field and on the supermarket shelves.
in greengrocers' shops or supermarkets as well as in the end consumer's larder.

As a result of our latest studies, we have also observed that the productions obtained with the products BioAvail have better nutraceutical characteristics such as higher amino acid content, antioxidant compounds, or beneficial volatiles.

In short, biotech fertilisers BioAvail generate an integral improvement for the whole agrosystem (soil-water-microbiota-root), improving it, which results in the increase of the
productivity of crops, make them more resilient to adverse conditions and promote regenerative agriculture.

Within the exclusive BioAvail range of biotechnological fertilisers, BioAvail from Lucas Biotech we have:

-BioAvail® PK20.
-Opti® development.
-PhosMol Opti®.
-BioAvail® Leaf.

If you need advice on the best product to get the most out of your crops, please contact us. Our experts will advise you on the best solution
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